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Therapy Services

Whether your child is officially diagnosed, self diagnosed, or simply operates differently, I am here to support both of you. I offer a variety of services in order to best meet the needs of each family.

Individual Therapy

Individual counseling for kids most often looks like play. Play can include board games, arts and crafts, books, or free play. I offer structured activities as needed to promote a child's understanding of emotions, coping skills, and problem solving. Children communicate however feels best for them (via play, words, or art) and I respond in kind as we work towards therapy goals together.


Family Therapy

Family sessions can involve one parent, two, or even siblings. Who is involved is often dictated by availability and child preference. Together, we will practice fostering a fun and accepting family environment, typically through play. By having consistent therapeutic play time with family, children are able to process their emotions and practice coping skills alongside their biggest support system.


Parenting Support

Sometimes a child will not be able to or willing to join services and sometimes parenting can just feel overwhelming. Whatever the reason, in individual counseling with adults, I work to provide parents with a safe and validating environment to explore challenges and concerns. We may focus strictly on parenting techniques or we may explore your life beyond parenting so that you can show up as your best self for your family and yourself.


Individualized Planning

Every family is different. Depending on need, availability, and feasibility, we will work out a plan to provide the best possible services for your family. It may mean a combination of weekly services or a single service once a month. The treatment plan will be one we create together.

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Set up a consultation

Contact me via phone or the contact form below. You can also find my client portal here.

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