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My Approach

At McCoy Counseling STL, I take a play therapy approach with ages three to adult. Typically, I let the child lead during our play sessions together, affirming and building up their self confidence and self advocacy skills. AutPlay therapy is 100% inline with this child centered approach. AutPlay is a family play therapy framework for working with Neurodivergent (ADHD, Autistic, Dyslexic, etc.) children. When I work with Neurodivergent kids and families, my job is not to change their brain but to work with them to help them become their best selves. This means communicating in their preferred language (usually play) and at their own pace. Children live and operate within a family system so I also include parents and their expertise as much as possible, whether they join the sessions or offer their perspective via the phone. My approach is trauma informed, Neurodivergent affirming, and family focused.

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